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Feature toggles

MDN uses feature toggles to integrate un-finished feature changes as early as possible, and to control the behavior of finished features.

Some site features are controlled using django-waffle. You control these features in the django admin site’s waffle section.

Some site features are controlled using constance. You control these features in the django admin site’s constance section.

Waffle features


Waffle switches are simple booleans - they are either on or off.

  • application_ACAO - Enable Access-Control-Allow-Origin=0 header.
  • dumb_doc_urls - (deprecated) Disable the render-time changing of /docs/ URLs to the equivalent Zone URLs (see PR 3331 for reasoning).
  • enable_optimizely - Enable the Optimizely JavaScript.
  • foundation_callout - show Foundation donation tile on homepage.
  • newsletter - Show newsletter sign-up site wide.
  • newsletter_article - Show newsletter sign-up in article footer (must be used in combination with newsletter).
  • redesign_live - show redesign notice for launch period
  • store_revision_ips - Save request data, including the IP address, to enable marking revisions as spam.
  • welcome_email - Send welcome email to new user registrations.
  • wiki_error_on_delete - Throw an error if a user tries to delete a page.
  • wiki_force_immediate_rendering - Force wiki pages to render immediately in the same http request in which they are saved (not in a background process).


Waffle flags control behavior by specific users, groups, percentages, and other advanced criteria.

  • kumabanned - (deprecated) added to users to mark them as banned.
  • kumaediting - Enable/disable wiki editing.
  • page_move - (deprecated) enable/disable page move feature.
  • registration_disabled - Enable/disable new user registration.
  • search_suggestions - Show the advanced search filter suggestions interface.
  • section_edit - Show section edit buttons.
  • sg_task_completion - Enable the Survey Gizmo pop-up.
  • spam_admin_override - Tell Akismet that edits are never spam.
  • spam_spammer_override - Tell Akismet that edits are always spam.
  • spam_testing_mode - Tell Akismet that edits are tests, not real content.
  • spam_checks_enabled - Toggle spam checks site wide.
  • spam_submissions_enabled - Toggle Akismet spam/spam submission ability.
  • wiki_samples - Add button to open samples in Codepen or jsFiddle.
  • wiki_spam_exempted - Exempt users and user groups from checking. submissions for spam.
  • wiki_spam_training - Call Akismet to check submissions, but don’t block due to detected spam or Akismet errors.

Constance features

Constance configs let us set operational values for certain features in the database - so we can control them without changing code. They are all listed and documented in the admin site’s constance section.